HMS Grimsby

HMS Grimsby

HMS Grimsby was launched by Lady Candice Blackham, on 10 August 1998 and commissioned into the Royal Navy on 25 September 1999.

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The Royal Navy minehunter currently represents the UK’s commitment to the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) in the Mediterranean - and she regularly exercises her skills with her NATO counterparts.

Once the exercise is complete the Faslane-based minehunter will continue to operate in the area for the next few months before returning to the UK.

Grimsby handover to MCM1 Crew 3


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Grim seas for Grimsby as she battles her way to Joint Warrior

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Current operation NATO Mine Counter-Measures Force

The RN has always supplied an MCMV to one of the two NATO Mine Counter-Measures Squadrons. These are six-month deployments as part of the NATO Standing MCM Groups and will generally be around the coasts of Northern Europe or the Mediterranean depending upon the squadron in which the RN ship is working.

International partnerships

As the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK has responsibilities towards its allies and partners. But Britain also has global ambitions – namely to protect the seaways underpinning the country’s prosperity. The Royal Navy plays a crucial role in fostering these enduring and lasting alliances with other nations.

Providing security at sea

The UK has a responsibility to its citizens and its allies to endeavour to safeguard the high seas. This is why the Royal Navy protects home and international waters – making sure the global trade that Britain and the world depend on can proceed without a hitch.

Location Northern Europe

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Unit History

The First Grimsby1933

The first HMS Grimsby was a sloop built,she was launched in July 1933. At the outbreak of World War 2 she was on the China Station but was recalled to the UK to see extensive service.


Unfortunately on 25 May 1941 following heavy and sustained attack from enemy aircraft she sank 40 miles north east of Tobruk.

The Second Grimsby1998

HMS Grimsby was launched by Lady Candice Blackham, on 10 August 1998. She was commissioned into the Royal Navy on 25 September 1999.

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Commanding Officer Will Blackett

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander Will Blackett joined the Royal Navy in 2001, he assumed command of HMS Grimsby in June 2016.

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Grimsby is the second Royal Navy ship to bear the name and the first mine hunter to do so.

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