An outline programme for the day is as follow

  • Arrive at the College any time after 1000
  • 1215 Chapel opened to ticket holders, with everyone to be seated by 1250.
  • 1300 Short service of Welcome.
  • 1315 Go on tours, visit Exhibition or do ‘your own thing’.
  • 1445 Group photo on Upper Grand Square steps
  • 1500 Afternoon tea starts in Queen Mary Undercroft and Colonnade
  • 1620 Champagne toast
  • 1625 Parade of Ships of the Line featuring uniforms through the ages
  • 1655 Post Horn Gallop to warn of closure at 1700

In recognition of the many women who served at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich an exhibition entitled ‘WRNS at Greenwich’ will be run in the Visitor Centre throughout the summer and autumn of 2017.

The Painted Hall will be undergoing refurbishment at this time but, subject to the contractor’s agreement, a lift to the top of the scaffolding may be made available.  Several tours will be offered on both Saturday (and also Sunday 16 July) starting from 1000 and lasting 45 minutes. They can be booked directly, on a first come first served basis, with the ORNC.  A website and telephone number, along with a tour timetable, will be made available at the end of 2016.

The following day, Sunday 16 July at 1000, there will be a serving women’s themed service in the ORNC Chapel.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

For any queries about tickets, or the event, please email  or telephone 07925 147689, leaving a message if necessary.


WRNS 100 Commemoration Service Portsmouth Cathedral