It was a huge honour to represent the RN at the raising of the Pride Flag at HMNB Clyde for the first time today

Sub Lieutenant Annabel Sykes

Compass Network is the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Network of the Naval Service and it aims to provide an inclusive Naval Service in which people feel comfortable, valued and empowered to be themselves and express their sexual orientation and gender identity, realise their career potential and contribute fully to the Service.

Gavin Leckie, Managing Director Babcock Clyde, said: “This symbolic gesture by the Naval Base Commander marks another milestone in LGBT+ history. My hope is that all who visit the base will recognise this senior commitment to the wider inclusivity agenda, which Babcock is proud to support, and become an ally of the LGBT+ community.”

Purple Friday was first celebrated in Canada in 2010 and is named after the purple stripe on the LGBT rainbow flag. According to Gilbert Baker, the creator of the flag, the purple represents “spirit”.

Royal Marines Commando

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