HMS Atherstone

HMS Atherstone (MCM2 CREW 123)

Minehunter HMS Atherstone is now decommissioned.

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Minehunter HMS Atherstone was one of eight Hunt Class mine countermeasures vessels based in Portsmouth and was launched in March 1986. 

Minehunters go undercover as Quorn and Atherstone begin revamp


HMS Atherstone (MCM2 CREW 123) Latest News

Atherstone crew pay tribute to D-Day fallen

Atherstone crew pay tribute to D-Day fallen

Families and affiliates flock to HMS Atherstone

Families and affiliates flock to HMS Atherstone

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Current operation Alongside

Currently alongside HM Naval Base Portsmouth

  • Alongside

    Alongside in her home port of Portsmouth Naval Base

Location Portsmouth

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Unit History

The First Atherstone1916

The first – an 810-ton paddle minesweeper – was built in 1916, and worked dutifully around the Firth of Forth and the Humber until being paid off in 1924.

The Second Atherstone1939

The second Atherstone was launched in December 1939. She began her war service escorting convoys between the Orkneys and Clyde, before joining the First Destroyer Flotilla at Portsmouth.

Escort duties1940

In August 1940 whilst on convoy escort duties she was bombed and severely damaged off Ramsgate,she was taken into Chatham for repairs before taking up her coastal convoy escort duties again.


After refit in January 1943, she headed out to join the Mediterranean Fleet, where she was to stay until the end of the war, notching up impressive honours at the invasion of Sicily.

Final Deployment1944

She was among the ships that covered the invasion of the South of France in August 1944. operating mainly in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. She paid off in October 1945.

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Commanding Officer Mark Headley

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lt Cdr Mark Headley joined the Royal Navy in 1999, he assumed Command of HMS Atherstone in July 2015.

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