HMS Edinburgh

HMS Edinburgh

HMS Edinburgh – known as the ‘Fortress of the Sea’ – was the nation’s last serving Type 42 destroyer, a veteran of the destroyer fleet known as the workhorses of the Royal Navy. The ship has now decommissioned, bringing to an end the era of the Type 42s.

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Although aged, HMS Edinburgh fought hard against the ravages of time – a £17.5m package of work undertaken in Portsmouth Naval Base in 2010 helped Edinburgh fulfil her tasking until her retirement this month – 30 years after she was launched at the Cammell Laird yard in Birkenhead.

That revamp not only upgraded her weapons and communications systems, but saw her emerge as a greener, cleaner ship. Her hull was coated with a super-efficient paint to make her glide through the water more easily and an underwater spoiler known as a transom flap was fitted to the stern, which together cut fuel consumption by up to 15 per cent.

As anyone who’s served in HMS Edinburgh will tell you, life was heaven aboard D97.

HMS Edinburgh

Proud era ends as the Navy’s last Type 42 destroyer, HMS Edinburgh, bows out


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HMS Edinburgh's final homecoming

End of an era as the Navy’s last type 42 destroyer bows out

Edinburgh makes an emotional final entry to Portsmouth ending a 40-year chapter of RN history

Edinburgh makes an emotional final entry to Portsmouth ending 40-years of RN history

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Unit History

The First Edinburgh1707

There have been six warships to carry the name Edinburgh, the first in 1707 being a fifth rate warship carrying only 32 guns. She was sunk in 1709.

The Second Edinburgh1715

The second was the forty-year-old Warspite which in 1715 was rebuilt and renamed Edinburgh. A long and distinguished career culminating in the award of battle honours "Ushant 1747" 

Battle Honours1747

Ushant 1747

Battle Honours1757

Cape Francois 1757

The Third Edinburgh1811

The third Edinburgh was launched in 1811. A busy career, distinguishing herself gaining the battle honours "Syria 1840" against the Egyptians and "Baltic 1854/55" . She was sold in 1865.

Battle Honours1840

Syria 1840

Battle Honours1854

Baltic 1854-55

The Fourth Edinburgh1882

In 1882, a steel plated turret ship was launched to become the fourth Edinburgh. She was the first battleship to carry breech loading guns and was heavily armoured. She was sold in 1910.

The Fifth Edinburgh1939

The fifth, and most famous, warship to bear the name was the cruiser built in 1939, who played a major part in many actions.

Battle Honours1940

Norway 1940-41

Battle Honours1941

‘Bismarck’ 1941
Atlantic 1941
Malta Convoys 1941

Sunken Treasure1942

In 1942, she was torpedoed by the German U-Boat U456 and sank, with the loss of 57 men and her cargo of £5 million in gold bullion, en route to the UK as war payment .It was salvaged in 1981.

The Sixth Edinburgh1985

In 1985 the sixth ship, a type 42 destroyer, to have the name HMS Edinburgh was commissioned into the Royal Navy. She was also known as 'the Fortress of the Sea'.

The Final Type 422013

On the 6th June 2013, HMS Edinburgh formally left the service as she was decommissioned in a ceremony charged with emotion at HMNB Portmouth. HMS Edinburgh was the last of the Type 42's

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