HMS Gloucester

HMS Gloucester

On the 24th May 2011, HMS Gloucester – known throughout the Fleet as the Fighting G – returned home from her final deployment. The ship was decommissioned on the 30th June 2011 after more than a quarter of a century’s proud service where she lived up to her nickname.

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Unit History

The First Gloucester1654

The first Gloucester was launched in 1654. She took part in an expedition against the Spanish in the West Indies early in her commission and was heavily involved in the Dutch Wars.

Battle Honours1666

Four Days’ Battle 1666
Orfordness 1666

Battle Honours1672

Sole Bay 1672

Battle Honours1673

Schooneveld 1673
Texel 1673


She was wrecked off Yarmouth in 1682 on the way to Leith, running aground due to a navigational error. Among the survivors were HRH The Duke of York the Duke of Marlborough.

The Second Gloucester1694

The second Gloucester, launched in 1694, crossed the Atlantic under Admiral Benbow with instructions to keep a sharp look out for the notorious pirate Captain Kidd. She was broken up in 1731.

The Third Gloucester1709

The third HMS Gloucester, launched in 1709, was attacked and captured by the French off the coast of Southern Ireland.

The Fourth Gloucester1711

The fourth Gloucester was built in 1706 and launched October 1711. ON 22 May 1733 she was ordered to be taken to pieces and rebuilt. She was relaunched in 1737.

The Fifth Gloucester1737

She was launched in 1737. She took part in a circumnavigation of the globe in 1740. In 1742 she was damaged in a storm and so she was burned in order to avoid her being captured.

The Sixth Gloucester1745

The sixth Gloucester, launched in 1745, took part in the action against the French off Ushant. She was broken up in 1764.

The Seventh Gloucester1807

Launched in 1807 she conveyed the Duke of Devonshire to St Petersburg in 1826 as Ambassador Extraordinary for the coronation of Czar Nicholas I.  Destroyed 1831 in the Battle of Sacketts Harbour.

The Ninth Gloucester1909

Launched in 1909 at the outbreak of war she was stationed in Simonstown before joining the 7th Cruiser Squadron in the Mediterranean fleet. She was sold for scrap on the 9th May 1921.

The tenth Gloucester1937

Launched in 1937 she was involved in many actions and her battle honours bear witness to her achievements and explain the nickname, the Fighting G. Sunk in 1941 during the Battle of Crete.

The Eleventh Gloucester1982

She was launched in 1982, serving in the Gulf war in 1991 she shot down an Iraqi Silkworm missile, the first successful missile vs missile engagement at sea in combat by any Navy.


After a long and eventful career, the eleventh HMS Gloucester returned to HMNB Portsmouth for the final time on the 24th May 2011. She was decommissioned on the 30th June 2011.

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