HMS Liverpool

HMS Liverpool

HMS Liverpool was the last survivor of the original Type 42 destroyers built in the 1970s and early 1980s. Known sometimes as the Crazy Red Chicken courtesy of the red Liver Bird on the ship’s badge. She decommissioned on March 30th 2012 in Portsmouth.

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Before Liverpool was decommission at the end of March she had already gone through a maintenance period in Portsmouth and a visit to London, where thousands of members of the public stepped aboard. On leaving London she was activated as Fleet Ready Escort.

When her escort duty finished, HMS Liverpool conducted training exercises in the UK and Norway, as part of Exercise Cold Response, before a final visit to her home town of Liverpool. 

The ship was built on Merseyside by the world-famous Cammell Laird yard and was launched in September 1980 by Lady Strathcona, wife of the then Minister of State for Defence.

As the events in Libya developed in 2011, tasking was changed to provide the UK contribution to the NATO Op Unified Protector.

Royal Naval Weather Expert’s War Award

Royal Naval Weather Experts War Award


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Libyan Operation Leads To Special Medal Recognition

Libyan Operation Leads To Special Medal Recognition

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Unit History

The First Liverpool1741

The first Liverpool was built in the city after which she was named and launched in 1741.

The Second Liverpool1758

The second HMS Liverpool, also built on the Mersey, was launched in 1758.

The Third Liverpool1819

The third HMS Liverpool was launched at Woolwich in 1814. In 1819, she took part in the expedition against pirates in the Gulf.

The Fourth Liverpool1860

By now the age of sail was over, and when the fourth HMS Liverpool was launched at Devonport in 1860 she was fitted with engines.

Battle History1870

Serving in the North America and West Indies Station, until placed in the "Steam Reserve", she was recommissioned and circumnavigated the globe before returning home in 1870.

The Sixth Liverpool1938

Completed in November 1938, she was torpedoed by enemy aircraft in 1940 south-east of Crete and seriously damaged. Returning home in 1942 she covered the Arctic Convoys  in April.

Battle Honours1940

Mediterranean 1940
Calabria 1940

Battle Honours1942

Arctic 1942
Malta Convoys 1942

Battle History1958

The Sixth HMS Liverpool was again torpedoed by aircraft and had to be towed to Gibraltar for temporary repairs then onward to Rosyth. She then went to the Mediterranean,  until 1958.

The Seventh HMS Liverpool1980

The seventh was launched in September 1980, the last Type 42 Batch 2. During her career she took part in the 2003 Iraq war and in 2011  and in NATOs blockade of Libya during the civil war.


On March 30th 2012, HMS Liverpool was decommissioned in Portsmouth after 30 years service.

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