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After 20 years of service HMS Ocean was decommissioned on the 27th March 2018.

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During her busy career HMS Ocean has shown she is not only a warship that can engage the enemy, but engages with the world as a symbol of UK influence.

This was seen with her humanitarian aid to hurricane-devastated British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean islands in 2017.

HMS Ocean leaves service with a royal farewell

HMS Ocean leaves service with a royal farewell


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HMS Ocean enters Plymouth for last time under the White Ensign


HMS Ocean sails from Portsmouth for the last time

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Unit History

The First Ocean1761

The first Ocean began the strong links with the West Country in 1770 as Flagship to Plymouth. Ocean saw her first real action against the French in 1778 under the lead of HMS Victory.

Battle Honours1781

Ushant 1781

The Second Ocean1805

Ocean’s next incarnation was a second-rate 98-gun warship, she spent the bulk of her service in the Mediterranean.
She was converted into a depot ship in 1841 and broken up in 1875.

The Third Ocean1867

The next was an ironclad of 50 guns. She holds the record for the longest days under sail by any British ironclad:  243 miles to the Far East. She was Flagship on the China Station from 1867.

The Fourth Ocean1898

The fourth Ocean earned a reputation as an unlucky ship, suffering various mishaps during build. Ocean served on the China Station during which time she was hit by a typhoon.

Battle Honours1915

Dardanelles 1915
Suez Canal 1915

The Fourth Ocean1915

In March 1915, as she attempted to rescue the mine-struck HMS Irresistible,  Ocean hit a mine – flooding and under fire, she was abandoned and sank that evening.

The Fifth Ocean1945

The fifth HMS Ocean  cemented her links with naval aviation. The Colossus-class aircraft carrier had a brief but active service career after commissioning in July 1945. 

Battle Honours1952

Korea 1952-53

The Sixth HMS Ocean1998

Commissioned in September 1998 in Devonport, HMS Ocean is at the heart of the Navy’s amphibious fleet. Until the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth class carriers, she is the largest UK warship.

Battle Honours2003

Al Faw 2003

Operation Unified Protector2011

As Libyan rebels fought Gaddafi forces, HMS Ocean launched Britain’s first seaborne Apache raid, destroying military vehicles, installations and communications equipment.

Operation Ruman2017

In 2017 HMS Ocean was diverted from NATO duties to deliver much needed aid to to hurricane-devastated British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean islands after they were hit by Hurricane Irma.


In 2018, HMS Ocean was decommissioned with a Royal Farewell from Her Majesty The Queen at HMNB Devonport.

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HMS Ocean weighs a 22,000 tonnes


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