HMS Portland (F79)

She was built on the Clyde and was launched by the Ship’s Sponsor, Lady Heather Brigstocke on 15 May 1999. HMS Portland was commissioned into the Royal Navy on 3 May 2001.

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HMS Portland returned to her native Plymouth in March 2017 after a nine-month patrol of the Gulf and Indian Ocean supporting the international naval mission clamping down on smuggling, trafficking, terrorism and piracy.

While off the coast of west Africa, she was the last ship to perform a Replenishment at Sea with RFA Gold Rover which retired from service in 2017.

Since leaving Devonport last June the ship travelled over 40,000 miles through the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian, Pacific and South Atlantic oceans.  

Her tasking was varied, but concentrated on maritime security and international defence engagement, while always on constant readiness to respond to any tasks on behalf of the UK Government.

HMS Portland also assisted in the rescue of 15 sailors from a sinking fishing dhow in the Indian Ocean, and evacuated a critically ill person from remote Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic.

The Type 23 frigate has now entered an extensive upgrade period to receive new radars, engines and even the new cutting-edge Sea Ceptor missile system.

Defence Secretary announces Type 23 base port moves

Defence Secretary announces Type 23 base port moves


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Location Plymouth

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Unit History

Portland is born1653

The Portland story begins in 1653, she saw extensive action in wars with the Dutch and French. The ship was burned in 1692 near Malaga to prevent her falling into French hands.

Battle Honours1666

Four Days’ Battle 1666
Orfordness 1666

The Second Portland1693

It did not take long for the Portland name to be resurrected in 1693. The vessel served for 50 years, helping to recapture HMS Coventry from the French in 1709. She was broken up in 1743.

Battle Honours1709

‘Coventry’ 1709

The Third Portland1744

Portland No.3 was a 50 gunner and saw repeated action against the French in the 1740s and 1750s in the Channel, Mediterranean and North America. She was sold out of the navy in 1763.

Battle Honours1746

‘Auguste’ 1746

Battle Honours 1747

Ushant 1747

Battle Honours1748

‘Magnanime’ 1748

Battle Honours1759

Lagos 1759
Quiberon Bay 1759

The Fourth Portland1770

The fourth was launched in 1770. She had the distinction of carrying home Captain Cook’s vital journals and charts from his Pacific expedition. 

The Fifth Portland1795

The fifth Portland was a converted river barge which was purchased in 1795 and briefly used to defend Plymouth during the Napoleonic Wars before she was sold in 1802.

The Sixth Portland1822

The final Portland from the days of sail was a 52-gunner, which spent 40 years in service, including a stint as flagship of the Pacific Station.

The Seventh Portland1941

Number 7 was a minesweeper laid down in 1941 in Hong Kong; she was still being built when the Japanese captured the colony. Sunk by the Americans in 1945.

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Senior Naval Officer Paul Richards

Rank: Commander

Cdr Paul Richards joined the Royal Navy in 1984. he became the Senior Naval Officer, HMS Portland, in July 2017.

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