HMS Hurworth

HMS Hurworth (M39)

HMS Hurworth is a Hunt-Class Mine Countermeasures Vessel, playing a vital part in the worldwide MCMV commitments from the Middle East to the North Atlantic.

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As such, HMS Hurworth and her Ship’s Company maintains a high state of readiness though a rigorous training and maintenance programme to ensure she is ready to undertake Operations at very short notice.

The types of Operation MCMVs can be deployed on could include protecting lawful maritime enterprise in the Gulf, responding rapidly to developing international crises, or ensuring that the UK’s sea lanes remain safe and secure.

Along with her sister ships, she boasts a world-leading mine disposal system, Seafox, which is the most proficient system of its type ever invented, making HMS Hurworth and the Royal Navy’s MCMV contingent the envy other navies across the globe.


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Operation Exercise Trident Juncture

Ex Trident Juncture 18 is the largest in a series of deliberately-planned exercises scheduled over several years to ensure that NATO forces are trained, able to operate together and ready to respond to a threat from any direction. This year’s exercise will take place in Norway with over 40,000 personnel from 30 countries gathering to practise their ability to operate and respond to threats together.

  • Alongside

    Alongside in her home port of Portsmouth Naval Base

International partnerships

As the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK has responsibilities towards its allies and partners. But Britain also has global ambitions – namely to protect the seaways underpinning the country’s prosperity. The Royal Navy plays a crucial role in fostering these enduring and lasting alliances with other nations.

Ready to fight

When diplomacy fails, the UK has to be ready to protect its interests and its allies. What’s more, as a member of NATO and the UN, the UK also acts to support the enforcement of UN resolutions and come to the aid of our allies. This is where the Royal Marines come in: we train to go where we’re needed – by sea, land or air – and deploy our forces with the aim of restoring peace.

Location Norway

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Unit History

The Different Hurworths1941

The first was built during World War 2 to provide anti-air defence to the Fleet. She was sunk after striking a mine on the evening of 22 October 1943 off the Greek Island of Kalymnos.

The Second Hurworth1985

Built in 1985 HMS Hurworth was involved in the rescue attempt of the Herald of Free Enterprise off the coast of Zeebruge in 1987 and also winning a Battle Honour in the first Gulf War in 1991

The Hurworth Today2005

Fitted with an upgraded sonar in 2005, and with further technological advances over the years, HMS Hurworth remains among the most capable MCMVs afloat today.

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Commanding Officer Mark Heward

Mark Heward

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander Mark Heward RN assumed command of MCM2 Crew 1, HMS Hurworth in June 2018. Qualified as a PWO(N), Mark most recently served in FOST South prior to a 20-month appointment navigating HMS Ocean.

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Top speed of 15 knots

HMNB Portsmouth

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