HMS Mersey (P283)

Launched in 2003, HMS Mersey is the youngest of the original batch of River-class offshore patrol vessels.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

1,700 tonnes

Total displacement

80 metres

Total length

20+ knots

Top speed

Our operations

Current operation

Maritime Security


British ships and units, which include the Royal Marines, are committed to operations around the world.

Our base

Our base


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Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander David Gillett

Lieutenant Commander David Gillett joined the Royal Navy as a University Cadet. He assumed command of HMS Clyde in July 2015.

HMS Mersey's role

Along with her fellow River-class patrol vessels, HMS Mersey’s primary role is fishery protection. She patrols the waters of the United Kingdom and up to 200 miles of the Atlantic Ocean, ensuring that fishing boats and trawlers stick to internationally agreed quotas.

Mersey was the last ship to be built at the Vosper Thornycroft shipyard in Woolston, Southampton, for the Fishery Protection Squadron – the oldest unit in the Royal Navy.

Unit history

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