HMS Scimitar

HMS Scimitar and her sister Ship HMS Sabre form the core of the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron. 

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Operating from HM Naval Base Gibraltar the two Scimitar-class patrol boats, 21 personnel, and three Pacific rigid-hulled inflatable boats are an efficient and effective unit. 

The role of RNGS is to provide Force Protection to visiting coalition warships, conduct maritime security patrols within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters and support a variety of operations within the Joint Operating Area. 

A small unit at high readiness Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron performs a broad array of tasks in a dense shipping environment.

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Current operation Gibraltar Squadron

Provide force protection and security to Gibraltar's maritime environment, enforce and assert the sovereign integrity of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, whilst contributing to the overall defence effort

Location Gibraltar

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Unit History

First Scimitar1918

Launched on 27 February 1918 and commissioned on 29 April, H21 or HMS Scimitar – an Admiralty S-class destroyer built by the John Brown Shipbuilding & Engineering Company in Scotland.

Operation Dynamo Dunkerque1940

She took part in the British evacuation ‘Operation Dynamo Dunkerque’ but was seriously damaged by bombing on 28 May 1940.

German Submarine1941

Depth charges from HMS Scimitar, along with the destroyer Malcolm, the corvettes Arabis and Violet and the minesweeper HS Speedwell sunk the German U-651 on 29 June 1941, near Iceland.


She returned to Devonport, Plymouth for repairs after being rammed and holed on 26 April


She was scrapped in 1947

Second Scimitar1970

The second HMS Scimitar was launched in 1970 and formed one third of the Fast Training Boat Squadron based at Portland along with her sister ships HMS Cutlass and HMS Sabre.

Laminated Wood1970

Constructed from laminated wood they displaced 102 tonnes and measured 30m length, a beam of 8m and drew 2m.

Fast Craft1970

Not armed, these Proteus gasturbine-powered craft could be armed with missiles and had a third ‘Proteus’ fitted to give them almost unrivalled performance compared to any military craft.


Collectively known as the Scimitar-class Fast Training Craft, HMS Scimitar, was designed and built by Vosper Thornycroft Ltd at their Portchester Yard in Hampshire.

Hong Kong1970

In the 1970s illegal immigration had become a major problem for Hong Kong. By the end of the 1970s the numbers had grown to such numbers that the stability of the colony was threatened.

Royal Marines1970

To alleviate this problem, HMS Scimitar (P271) was sent from the UK to augment the Royal Marines of No. 3 Marine Raiding Squadron in their rigid inflatables.

Illegal Immigrants1980

Scimitar helped stem a flood of illegal immigrants into a trickle and by the end of 1980 the number of arrests had dropped from 90,000 to 10,000.

Return to the UK1981

In 1981 Scimitar returned to the UK and along with her sister ships of the same class she was placed on the disposal list and subsequently bought by Greek interests and renamed Aquilon.

Current HMS Scimitar1992

The current HMS Scimitar started life as MV Grey Fox and was launched in December 1992 following her construction by Halmatic Ltd in Portsmouth, Hampshire.


She was renamed to HMS Scimitar and commenced her duties within the British Gibraltar Territorial Waters in 2003.

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Commanding Officer Kyle Walkley

Kyle Walkley

Rank: Lieutenant

Kyle Walkley joined Britannia Royal Naval College in January 2010 as a graduate entrant. Selected for Sea Command in October 2017 he assumed Command of HMS Scimitar in Gibraltar in August 2018.

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HMS Scimitar was launched December 1992

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HMS Scimitar is 15.9 metres long