Our capability

There’s no doubting that it takes some of the world’s most specialist equipment to be the formidable force that we are today. However, ships, submarines, aircraft and weapons would have no impact without the high calibre people that make them effective. Bring our people and equipment together and our naval capability comes to life. Securing the seas, protecting Britain’s interests and delivering humanitarian aid.

trained strength

Capable of going anywhere. Able to keep their cool in tense situations. With the knowledge to help us maintain our edge – and the ability to bring about positive diplomatic change. Through their initial and on-the-job training, our people become the versatile, efficient and disciplined force that make the Royal Navy one of the top military naval powers in the world.

Specialist Equipment

We are a highly flexible force, operating at sea, from the air, and on land. We are also one of the most adaptable too – overcoming adverse conditions, hostile environments and natural disasters. Giving more cut to our edge is some of the most specialist equipment in the world. 

One Team, One Identity

The Royal Navy is a complex and well-oiled machine with many parts and one purpose. To protect the nation’s interests. Making it happen are 30,000 highly skilled men and women across our five arms – the Surface Fleet, the Submarine Service, the Fleet Air Arm, the Royal Marines and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Multiple Disciplines

To operate in all environments, no matter what the conditions or circumstances requires some of the most specialised skills and disciplines imaginable. And some incredible teamwork. Explore how these elements come together.

Extreme Environments

In all climates, on different vessels and testing terrains… The Royal Navy’s people thrive in some of the most extraordinary environments.