Equipped for every challenge

Our equipment is as diverse as the challenges we face

From deep-diving submarines that patrol, deter and protect, to speedy RIBs, agile helicopters and adaptable amphibious vehicles, the Royal Navy is driven with some amazing kit. Every item is hand-picked to provide exceptional performance whilst delivering superb value for money. After all, we’re here to protect, serve and represent the UK, and we need the right tools for the job.

Future equipment

Unknown challenges demand kit we can count on

Though the challenges we face change every day, the Royal Navy is always well equipped to triumph. By looking to tomorrow today, we can make sure our troops have the kit they need to get the job done. 
Whether that means commissioning new ships like the fearsome 45 Destroyers and awe-inspiring Elizabeth-class Carriers, or harnessing the latest tech to ensure safety and efficiency, we are focused on the future, as well as today’s missions. 

Explore tomorrow's equipment