Grob 115E Tutor

The Grob 115E Tutor is a cost-effective, modern elementary training aircraft. The combination of docile handling characteristics and good performance make it very suitable for its training role.

The aircraft is constructed mainly from carbon fibre reinforced plastic, which combines high strength with light weight. It has side-by-side seating with the primary flight instruments on the right-hand side of the cockpit.

Thus the student flies the aircraft from the right-hand seat with a right-hand stick and a left-hand throttle making transition to operational aircraft easier.

The Grob Tutor is powered by a Textron-Lycoming 180hp piston engine driving an MT three-bladed, constant-speed propeller and can cruise at 130kts at sea level and climb to 5,000ft in seven minutes. 

It has a very clean airframe and has a three-minute inverted flight time limit, making it ideal for aerobatics where it loses little or no height during a full aerobatic sequence. 

The aircraft has a very modern instrument and avionics suite, including a Differential Global Positioning System giving excellent navigational information.

About the aircraft:-

G Limits: +6G to -3G
Seating: 2
Power: 180bhp
Max Speed: 185kts
Cruise Speed: 120kts
Range: 500nm
Fuel: 140litres
Length: 7.6m
Wingspan: 10m
Wing Area: 12.2m
Manoeuvre: Aerobatics and Spinning

  • Grob 115e Tutor

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