Introducing the Information Support Team

The Welfare Information Support Team is the first port of call for the Service Personnel and their families and friends who are looking for the advice, support and resources they need to deal with the rigours of life in the Royal Navy. These demands go beyond those of civilian life, such as pressures that come with separation from family and friends, or the potential dangers of deployment, to name just two. 

The resources delivered by the Welfare Information Support Team ensure that Service Personnel look our for, and after each other, and that they're more than the sum of their parts - and that they meet the Royal Navy objective to: "...provide accessible support services that strengthen and enhance the resilience and resourcefulness of Naval Service personnel, their families and communities."

What can you expect from the Welfare Information Support Team?

Welfare Information Officers are an integral part of RNRMW and are proud that their service; sourcing national and local information that is relevant to the uniqueness of Service life, is recognised as the ‘Information Gateway’ and valued across the Armed Forces.


Support to service personnel, their families and the divisional system both in person and via other communication lines is carried out in a professional and timely manner through research, signposting or referral to external agencies or to colleagues within the multidisciplinary welfare team.


Bespoke information can be provided as well as information sheets or packs specific to core topics; the frequent push and pull of items allows the service community to be kept up to date; concerns, issue and trends can be readily recognised and raised to Chain of Command and more importantly the Service Community can be assured in the knowledge that a dedicated Information Officer will be available to support.

What Information Is Available?


Support is given to our Service Personnel and families via discounts for various products and facilities. The main place to look for these is the Defence Discount Service however if you should require assistance in sourcing a discount or want to know of any specific to a unit then contact the Welfare Information Team.



It can be difficult for partners to find employment when regularly relocating or during separation. There are many agencies and businesses that now support with this aspect of service life. Your Welfare Information Team holds details of National and Local contacts and will happily pass these onto you when required.



Service children deal with both relocation and separation at regular stages throughout their time within the educational environment. To assist there are specific MOD agencies such as Childrens Education Advisory Service and the Directorate of Children and Young People and publications that support our children and schools. Further to this if you are relocating your Welfare Information Team will be able to assist with school information on the local area you are moving too.



A vast range of signposting can be provided by your Welfare Information Team in regards to all areas of Finance and especially those that are specifically service related. They can also provide contact details of agencies that solely offer financial advice to our service community.



Each area has both Service and Civilian facilities available to our Service Community. Working closely with Local Councils and RNRM units your Welfare Information Team can provide bespoke information to your requirements.



There may be times that you require legal support. If this is the case and you are not sure where to start or how to access such support your Welfare Information Team will happily direct you.



Local facilities whether it be long term courses or one off training can be sourced via your Welfare Information Team who also hold information on Unit facilities that may offer courses for partners of Service personnel.



Relocation can be very stressful. Your Welfare Information Team is there to provide assistance at all stages of this process whether it is Service Families Accommodation (SFA) or private housing. They can support through the application process for SFA, provide information on local areas and offer support if any difficulties should arise.


Further to this if you are visiting an area for an event or holiday the Team can also provide you with details of Service related accommodation such as Short Term Families Accommodation or alternatively hotels and guest houses close to the Unit you are visiting.



Many areas of the UK will have good transport facilities. However it is always best to check areas out prior to arrival especially if you are reliant on Public transport. If you would like support on sourcing this information your Welfare Information Team will happily assist.


Many RNRM Units have their own facilities for early year’s childcare of which information is not always readily available on the internet. This is where your Welfare Information Team can assist you and in turn they can also provide local facilities which are close to the area of work or home.


Your Welfare Information Team provides and collates a vast amount of information regarding support during deployment. This includes the Deployment Information Pack which is readily available from the team. They also provide a conduit to HM Ships relaying information to and from Ship as required on behalf of the serving person, family and friends.


Support is also provided through briefings, events, newsletters and via the RN forums encouraging the free flow of up to date information at all times.

Information Support Forum

If you would like to receive notification of events and / or offers via Email, please visit the National Welfare Information Support Forum.

Details of National and Local events are "pushed out" via this forum to members of the RN Forum.

This forum is open to all; however, if you wish to post or leave feedback for an event you may have attended you will need to register for an account.

Once registered, you can subscribe to the following forums and receive instant notification via Email that content has been added.

  • Arbroath Welfare Information Support
  • Chivenor Welfare Information Support
  • Culdrose Welfare Information Support 
  • Dorset Welfare Information Support 
  • Lympstone Welfare Information Support 
  • Northwood Welfare Information Support 
  • Plymouth Welfare Information Support 
  • Portsmouth Welfare Information Support 
  • Scotland Welfare Information Support 
  • Taunton Welfare Information Support 
  • Yeovilton Welfare Information Support

You will also have access to the Official Ship/Unit forums, the only place where you will find official updates for families and friends.

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