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In obtaining and using a Log In to the password protected area you have agreed to abide by these Security Instructions and Terms and Conditions of Use. Please ensure that you are fully aware of the following Security Instructions.

The Royal Navy website is owned and operated by the Secretary of State for Defence. It is subject to monitoring by the Secretary of State for Defence to ensure proper functioning of equipment including security devices and systems, to prevent unauthorised use and violations of security regulations. Users of the system should be aware that any information placed in the system is subject to monitoring and is not subject to any expectation of privacy.

The Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary password protected area is a controlled area accessible only to authorised users and can be used to share UNCLASSIFIED information of interest to members. This includes any UNCLASSIFIED but sensitive information which the originator does not want to be generally available to the public on the World Wide Web (www). [For details of the Protective Marking Scheme and definitions of RESTRICTED etc. see JSP 440, Part 5 Section 1].

Information presented within the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary password protected area is considered private information for members only and may not be distributed or copied outside of the membership without prior written approval from the originator.

If monitoring of this system reveals possible evidence of a violation of criminal law, this evidence and other related information, including identification of the user, will be provided to law enforcement officials.

If monitoring reveals violations of security instructions or unauthorised use the users concerned may be excluded from further use of the website or subject to disciplinary action under the Naval Discipline Act, if service users are in breach of JSP440.

Do not discuss, enter, transfer, process, or transmit classified or sensitive security information. This includes:

  • Troop/ship locations 
  • Troop/ship tasking 
  • Deployment/port visit /homecoming dates 
  • Mission tasking 
  • Equipment and supply states 
  • Other information that may be considered classified

If you have any doubts then it is advisable not to post the information or comment. Further advice can be sought from the moderators or webmaster. In using this site you agree to fully comply with the Terms and Conditions of use and the security and operating policies and rules. Please ensure you understand them before continuing to use these facilities.

If in doubt, 'leave it out'.

Rules for continued use


Should a relationship break down between a serving person and their partner, the estranged partner will still be allowed to access the password protected area. In these circumstances Royal Navy and Royal Marines Welfare would still offer a support service to the estranged partner therefore the support offered by the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary forum and chat facilities will not be withdrawn.

The site is fully moderated so any derogatory comments would quickly be picked up and acted upon. Under Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary forum rules, people are not allowed to make hurtful or personal comments about an individual. Anyone doing so will be immediately sanctioned and risks losing their membership status.